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Outcome-6: Community level adaptation to climate risk
Community-level adaptation to disaster risks from a changing climate is effectively managed.
Output 6.1  Gaps bridged in community, institutions and climate science for improved and effective climate responsive CRA and RRAP initiatives.
6.1.1    Develop training modules and materials to analyse climate change, including coastal and river bank erosion impact predictions and scaling up community risk assessment, and develop adaptation plans.
6.1.2    Provide training to MoFDM staff, DRRO/PIOs and DMC leaders on analysis of climate change impact predictions and scaling up risk assessment, and develop capacity to review and endorse adaptation plans.
6.1.3    Provide training and guidance and other technical support to CRA implementing partners on analysis of climate change impact predictions into community risk assessment, and integrate adaptation plans into RRAPs for implementation under LDRRF
Output 6.2   Contingency planning for vulnerable populations living in very high-risk areas
6.2.1    In collaboration and coordination with the SAARC Disaster Management Centre and other donor countries, develop a national strategic plan to address the challenges of climate change migration, refugees and displaced persons.
6.2.2   In pilot sites, develop contingency plans that address the long term relocation of populations living in very high risk areas.
6.2.3.    Implement the contingency plans
Output 6.3      Knowledge products on the impacts of climate change developed at the national and local levels, and contribute to policy dialogue
6.3.1    Support capacity development in climate change study and prediction and in linking these scientific outputs with community-level adaptation activities
6.3.2    Identify, document and disseminate changes in the spatial and temporal distribution of acute hazards such as flooding or cyclonic events.
6.3.3    Conduct an impacts study on incremental changes that may influence the nature of chronic hazards, such as drought, sea level rise and the associated risk of flooding in new areas, and saline intrusion.
6.3.4    With reference to vulnerability and poverty, study non-farm livelihood adaptation approaches and technologies in up to 20 districts, and advocate the introduction of risk-reduction policy measures
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