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Outcome-5: Disaster-proofing of development funding
Improved disaster-proofing of development programming, and enhanced technical capacity to incentivise positive long-term changes in planning and investment decisions, in targeted ministries.
Output 5.1   Facilitating Mainstreaming DRR and CCA across sectors.
5.1.1    Development of sector specific Mainstreaming guidelines .
5.1.2    Establishing and strengthening DRR and CCA Focal Points in the ministries and departments.
5.1.3    Commission scientific research on CC on livelihood options

Output 5.2
   Disaster Management issues are incorporated in the books of primary to higher secondary levels
5.2.1    Extension of MOU with NCTB.
5.2.2    Revision through pilot testing DRR related materials for inclusion in the text books and extra-curricular activities of different grades.
5.2.3.    Development and implementation of TOT courses on DRR for the teachers' training programmes
5.2.4.    Developing a risk reduction guideline for future building design
Output 5.3      Strengthened BMD’s Early Warning Capacity
5.3.1    Early warning generation equipment support to BMD
5.3.2    Weather prediction Modelling Software.
5.3.3    Training on the use of equipment and software.
Output 5.4      Strengthened FFWC Early Warning Capacity
5.4.1    Updating FFWC Website
5.4.2    Upgradation of LAN and WAN.
5.4.3    Research and prediction modelling.
Output 5.5      Strengthened DAE and DoF&L livelihood to climate change adaptation capacity
5.5.1    Strengthening technical capacity of DAE and Department of Fisheries and Livestock for effective assessment and management of climate change risks
5.5.2    Establishing/strengthening Farmers/Climate Field Schools (FCS) at grassroots levels
5.5.3    National and Local level advocacy on climate risks in agricultural sector.
5.5.4    Strengthening ICT centre/control room of DAE.
5.5.5    Establishing at least 10 climate and weather monitoring and Agricultural Information Centres at community level
5.5.6    Continue and expand LACC-II pilot activities to cover diverse hazard and risk conditions.
5.5.7    Converting the field learnings to the agricultural policy actions.
5.5.8    Publish research findings and IEC materials.
Output 5.6      Effective functioning of the Climate Change Cell at DoE
5.6.1    ? Operational and maintenance support to CCC to prepare climate change mainstreaming guideline ? technical review of project proposal received under GoB MDTF, CCCF ? prepare technical papers for the MoEF to support international negotiations ? development of training modules ? prepare technical proposals for DOE in fund raising
5.6.2    Maintain and update climate change database
5.6.3    Maintain climate change knowledge network.
Output 5.7      Ensuring Mainstreaming DRR in the Health Sector
5.7.1    Review and revise the national health policy to incorporate DRR issues
5.7.2    Development of Policy on Mass Casualty Management
5.7.3    Vulnerability assessment of hospitals and Capacity building of Doctors and nurses on Mass.
5.7.4    Casualty Management of Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet City Corporations.
5.7.5    TBA Training in selected high risk areas with special focus on disaster conditions
Output 5.8      Enhanced skills and technical capability Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence
5.8.1    Procure personal protective and light fire fighting and rescue equipment
5.8.2    Provide capacity building and professional development training on urban rescue skills
5.8.3    Support the continued expansion and establishment of the urban volunteer search and rescue teams.
Output 5.9      Enhanced skills and technical capability of Geological Survey of Bangladesh
5.9.1    Procure technical resources and other equipment necessary to build Geological Survey of Bangladesh capacity to contribute effectively to earthquake risk mapping
5.9.2    Provide skill development and other capacity building
Output 5.10      Ensuring Mainstreaming DRR in the Department Public Health Engineering
5.10.1    Pilot different household level water supply options to ensure water security in high risk areas
Output 5.11      Mainstreaming DRR in the Land use planning
5.11.1    Assess and capacity building for the utilization of available risk information and mapping
5.11.2    Review and revise land use policy to incorporate DRR/CCA
5.11.3    Revise the land survey instrument to demarcate hazard specific lands.
5.11.4    Sensitization on the revised land use policy.
Output 5.12      Mainstreaming DRR in women and children affairs development initiatives
5.12.1    Capacity building on disaster risk assessment to the district and upazila level staff
5.12.2    Development of the departmental risk reduction action plan
5.12.3    Pilot/Implement 2 priority options identified in the risk reduction action plan.
5.12.4    Review existing development projects and incorporate DRR issues
5.12.5    Involve the local authority to ensure incorporation of DRR issues in their ongoing development projects
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