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Outcome-4: Improved disaster preparedness & response


Improved overall effectiveness and timeliness of disaster preparedness and response in Bangladesh by strengthening early warning systems, national management capacity and coordination facilities at all levels.
Output 4.1  Improved and more effective early warning, response and relief management in 40 high-risk districts
4.1.1    Strengthen the PMO Disaster Management Cell
4.1.2    Finalise and implement the national response management strategy
4.1.3. Facilitate the application of satellite-based information systems, the development of GIS mapping and other visual awareness materials to support early warning systems as a complimentary to activity 4.1.2
4.1.3    Support planning workshops that facilitate the development of district level contingency plans
4.1.4    Provide specialised training
4.1.5    Conduct simulation exercises to validate contingency plans
Output 4.2   Effectiveness of community warning systems in high risk flood and cyclone districts improved and expanded
4.2.1    Support the expansion of community level early warning systems piloted in CDMP I
4.2.2    Conduct extensive community awareness programmes to promote and adopt early warning systems
4.2.3    Support the strengthening of CPP and other volunteer groups through resources and training on effective warning systems at community level


Output 4.3  DMIC/DMIN fully operational and providing 24/7 information management and alerting capability

4.3.1   Establish/strengthen 40 District DMIC resource centres
4.3.2.  Expand DMIN to remaining 250 upazilas
4.3.3   Support ICT training for MoFDM officials in 250 upazilas
4.3.4   Expand and maintain the DMIC Portal
4.3.5   Support the introduction and operationalisation of the Cell Broadcasting capability
4.3.6   Establish operational linkages between Bangladesh Tele-centres Network (BTN) and DMIC
4.3.7   Capacity building for DMIC/DMIN operators
4.3.8   Support development for community based flood information systems
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