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Outcome-3: Urban Risk Reduction


Reduced risk to urban populations through structural and non-structural interventions, improved awareness of natural hazard events and the piloting of urban community risk reduction methodologies that target the extreme poor

Output 3.1      Earthquake risk assessments and contingency planning expanded with improved response in five new districts


3.1.1    Earthquake contingency planning workshops and simulation exercises in Rangpur, Dinajpur, Tangail, Mymensingh and Bogra

3.1.2    Earthquake risk assessments for Rangpur, Dinajpur and Tangail, Mymensingh and Bogra, plus support to the institutionalisation of earthquake preparedness
3.1.3    Land elevation mapping for earthquake risk assessments
Output 3.2      Awareness of, and capacity to manage, urban hazard risks increased across a range of key target audiences in 8 city corporations
3.2.1    Deliver programmes to raise awareness on earthquake risks in schools and communities.
3.2.2    Deliver an earthquake risk awareness raising programme for municipalities and city corporations
3.2.3    Response capacity increased in major urban centres to address hydro-meteorological and anthropogenic hazards, such as fire, drainage congestion, gas and water leakage and misuse
Output 3.3  Community-based CRA/RRAP and mitigation works piloted in 45 marginalised slum and densely populated wards in three cities   
3.3.1    Modify CRA and RRAP methodologies for the urban context.
3.3.2    Identify and train CRA/RRAP partners for work in urban pilot schemes.
3.3.3    Implement community and household level risk assessment and action planning processes in 45 wards (or slums and densely populated locations in wards) within three cities.
3.3.4    Fund non-structural and small-scale prevention or mitigation works through the LDRRF mechanism.

Output 3.4   Ward level contingency planning institutionalised in Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong
3.4.1    Develop ward level contingency plans.
3.4.2    Disseminate contingency plans and orientation for urban volunteers.
3.4.3    Practice contingency plans and simulation activities
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